Tuesday, November 25, 2008



A belated celebratory shout for the new www.BetterBibles.com, the new home of the Better Bibles Blog (formerly found here), one of my favorite blogs on the Web, period—and the inspiration for this blog and many of its posts. In my glee I cooked up a Twitter feed and two widgets for BetterBibles.com and will be turning them over to the powers that "BBB" at that blog:

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Friday, November 7, 2008

VT on [ydm] in Amos 5:13

From Vetus Testamentum :

To understand the word ידם in Amos v 13 the point is not necessarily to decide whether it signifies silence, mourning or moaning but to recognize that the verb, regardless of which of these options one prefers, signifies shock and extreme anguish before a display of God’s power.14 This is evident from other usages of the verb in the Hebrew Bible.