Monday, March 24, 2008

'euthus' in Mark

From Rodney Decker:

Due to the frequent and distinctive use of εὐθύς [EUTHUS] in Mark,<1> greater space is devoted to this deictic marker.<2> The semantic field of εὐθύς may refer to sequential action (with either the connotation of a short intervening duration of time between two events or of no intervening event/s) or it may suggest the rapidity with which an event occurs.<3> It may, in addition to these meanings, function as a conjunction with a meaning not greatly different from καί. In this case it may add a nuance of sequence (though not necessarily temporal sequence, but in the sense of, "the next thing I want to say is…"),<4> or it may be "otiose, and a mere mannerism."<5> Both adverbial and conjunctive uses are considered together in this section.


Update: Much more, including a comparison/contrast of euthus in Matthew and Mark, from alefandomega.

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